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Hand Selected Teas

Our products are selected from the finest tea gardens and estates. We purchase is small batches that are delicately hand-packed for each customer as we receive the order. This ensures the quality control and freshness upon arrival is tasted in each and every cup. As such, please know that we are working to fulfill your order as quickly as possible. We want your first sip the day it arrives to be as memorable as the last drop in the cup.

Brew the Perfect Cup

Looking for instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of tea? Need to know more specifics on the shelf life of tea? Interested in how to brew iced tea like a professional? 

Check out Ada’s Artisan Tea 101 Tips!


What Our Clients Say…

Mary and I have been enjoying Ada’s teas since they were first introduced several years ago in Charlton NY. We are especially pleased with the quality of the tea and we can’t say enough about the service that the company provides. We especially enjoy the many different flavors that are available and that includes the variety of both green and black teas Ada’s offers. A couple of our favorites include the organic and caffeine free Plum Fun and the Masala Chai black tea which is rich and warming. We are so pleased that we have discovered Ada’s teas because of the many varieties available and the fine service that the company offers. Shipping is timely when needed and they are always ready to accommodate special orders along with the many different products available. We certainly plan to remain Ada’s customers as long as we enjoy a good cup of tea and we highly recommend the tea and the company to anyone who enjoys good cup of tea.


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