About Us

,Ada’s Artisan was created with one simple mission – to infuse each day with the exquisite quality and unparalleled taste of the simple pleasures in life.  Our journey began with sourcing the highest quality loose-leaf tea and coffee to serve in our family run café.  We are now committed to raising awareness and respect for premium tea and coffee that is already enjoyed around the world.

We are proud to offer superior quality tea in small batches delicately hand-packed, with a variety of selections that is evaluated every flush and picking.

My mother Ada always said, “Be present in the moment, find peace from within, and observe greatness in the small, simple pleasures in life”. We believe in the simple pleasures of exceptional teas. To that end, we work closely with tea gardens and specialists to ensure that our distinguishable blends are rich in inspiring aromas and exquisite flavors, which bring bliss to your day, and peace to your life – one sip at a time.

May the harmony in your cup overflow into your life.

Ada's Artisan Tea

What Our Clients Say…

For years I have been drinking green tea several times a day.  In the past, I drank mostly tea in bags.  However, in the last few years I started drinking Ada’s Artisan loose leaf tea and I find it to be far superior to drinking tea in a bag.  I find the flavor of Ada’s Artisan teas to be lovely and much richer than any teas I drank before.  I enjoy the freshness, the variety, and the quality of these teas.  I also enjoy the information and the knowledge the owner shares with the buyers about the various teas.  I have developed the taste to many more flavors of tea since I started drinking Ada’s Artisan teas.  It is hard to have a favorite, since I like so many of their flavors. I highly recommend it! 


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